About Us

Today, over 100 years after its origin, the Prince Edward Island Dental Association is still a relatively small association; boasting seventy- five dental practitioners, including nine specialists. Although small in numbers, our members have been quite active in national and provincial positions.

Two PEI dentists have been elected as president of the Canadian Dental Association; Dr. John Robertson in 1986 and Dr. Ray Wenn in 1994. The National Dental Examining Board has seen three of our members, Dr. Allen MacLean, Dr. David Crocker and Dr. William Judson serve as presidents.

Dr. Orville Phillips, another Island dentist, served for numerous years as a senator, and Dr. J.A. Doiron was appointed Lieutenant Governor of P.E.I. Dr. Peter Bevan-Baker is currently an MLA and leader of the Green Party of PEI. Currently we have three members representing us on the national scene; Dr. Dana Coles, Trust and Value ; Dr. Richard Holden, Board of Directors and Dr. Allan Robinson, NDEB.

We take pride in giving back to our Island in whatever capacity we can. Our members are active in a variety of provincial organizations, and serve as volunteers and leaders in many ways in our communities. We strive to provide and facilitate optimum dental care to the individuals of this great Island. We are proud of our participation in a sugar reduction strategy, subsidizing dental care to the children of this province and the first free visit program for children under three years of age.

As a professional organization, the DAPEI contributes as a partner, a policy advisor and a decision maker with the public, government and its members, in its endeavour to facilitate the availability and accessibility of appropriate, high quality dental services to the public.